Big data-based fuel reduction for maritime vessels

Save 5-20% fuel with simple steps

Having control over fuel consumption can be a challenge, both for crew and shipping businesses. Often it entails unnecessarily high costs. Blue Power EMS is a big data based system that helps the crew operate as efficiently as possible, resulting in a consumption which is not higher than necessary

Recommendations in real-time

With a speedometer and warning systems, the navigator will always easily keep an overview on fuel efficiency. Blue Power EMS' recommendations are tailored to each vessel, different operations and specific requirements. The consumption is logged under different types of operations. Logging of operation types can be automated or manually set on the dashboard.

An Interaction between Data Sources

When Blue Power EMS calculates optimal fuel-efficient operations - ocean currents, wave height, engine use, acceleration and ballast are taken into account. The system "squeezes" saving techniques from all variables where possible. With Blue Power EMS, the decision-making basis for economic operations is shifted from the crew's “gut feeling” to an objective framework.

How it works

Operational data from the vessel is transmitted through the ship's internet connection to Blue Power EMS' servers. Meanwhile, large amounts of high quality weather data are collected from the Meteorological Institute. This is combined in the "cloud" - where all calculations, data storage and updates are done continuously. On the bridge, the dashboard displays the information in real time. Furthermore, all data is logged and new insights become available in the Blue Power EMS' Report module.

After participating in the pre-project and development project, we are very pleased with the tool we have now received. Blue Power EMS is the company's energy efficiency tool and after it has been used on 3 of the company's ships, we can document a significant reduction in FO consumption. In several of the vessels' operations, we see a reduction of more than 15%!

-André Søvik, Technical Manager,
Remøy Shipping AS

Discover and explore history

Uncover operational patterns for each shift and keep control with Blue Power EMS' report module. Filter on shifts, operations and weather conditions to discover new relevant information. With interactive visualizations, it’s easy to compare efficiency of different crews under similar conditions and operations. Also, reports can be customized as needed.

Stay connected 24/7

We cooperate with Ulstein Blue Ctrl to make sensor data available. Here, only a small physical operation is applied to the vessel. Older ships with simpler electronics can also use Blue Power EMS.